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    Due to crazy and hectic lifestyles conflicting with the ability of managing the board, TMTC has become private and therefore will no longer accept new members at this time. Thank you kindly for your interest and we wish you luck with your roleplaying endeavors!

    -TMTC Staff
    Seeking active players to build a solid member base!
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    09/01/2016 'Sup, TMTC peoples! Today marks the day of our grand re-opening after taking a hiatus over the summer! Welcome new faces and welcome back old friends! We're excited to get going again and we've added a couple of new features so take a look around and see what's new!

    01/11/2016 Hey guys! Can you believe it!?!? TMTC IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY! Woohoo! We admins would like to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate our awesome members, particularly those that have been with us from the start - or close to it. Thank you guys! Without you, we wouldn't still be hanging around, nor would we have so many amazing characters and plots! With our second year, we hope to welcome many more new members and characters and can't wait to see all the plots that will unfold.

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Please note that TMTC is now closed.
We'd like to thank all of our members that have stuck by us the last couple of years and we'd like to wish you luck in your RP endeavours!

-TMTC Staff
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It’s with a heavy heart and having a 100% lack of muse that I’ve decided to close TMTC. I had hoped that making it private would help rejuvenate me into threading more actively, but unfortunately it hasn't. It has been a fantastic couple of years, but it has left me feeling drained, creatively speaking, and I decided that I must step away.

Thank you everyone for your understanding while I had tried to garner my muse back within the last couple of weeks, but there is simply none to be had. You’ve all been fantastic and I wish you luck in your roleplaying endeavours.

You can, of course, gather all your of your things but be aware that the site will be inaccessible this Sunday July 30th at 12 EST.

Thank you and it truly has been a pleasure writing with all of you!

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